Observe Experiment Archive NEPN

What is NEPN http://www.northeastphoto.net/?page_id=2042

NEPN was first created in 2009 to promote and develop photography in the North East and wider. Working with photographers, artists, curators and a wide range of cultural partners, they work to create a informed context for photographic activity and to encourage new people to visit the exhibitions and look into the artists.  NEPN is hosted by Northern Centre of Photography at the University of Sunderland.

What is there aims

They aim to bring new photographers to the area and exhibit their work to show new and older audiences how photographs work with their images and how they experiment with different topics and how they experiment with how and where they take their images.

Why have they made as exhibition

They have made an exhibition to be able promote new and upcoming artists and to show that new artists can work in different way to older artists. They have also made exhibitions to show specific areas. For example the Observe Experiment Archive deeply looks at contemporary issues and how it can be combined with science and photography.

Who are they intending to help

They are intending to help up and coming artists to show their work to people who will not have before seen their work. They also help students progress after studies at the university and to help them be noticed by other artists or editors.

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