4.4Remembrance Day –


A different type of gathering. A different type of celebration.

Remembrance Day is a time when the community come together to remember those who lives were lost during the war. Within church’s a service is lead in order to remember those who lost their lives fighting for our freedom and country.

To take a look into the service I attended a service at St Cuthberts church, Peterlee. To begin off the service, a large part of the community gather to march to the church with the band in front leading the way followed by ex service men and then the public.

This service is in honour and remembrance and to celebrate the lives of those who once fought for us. With flags being lifted high by the uniformed brigades of the local area, Poppy’s, rings and crosses being lay down as symbol that they will never be forgotten.

with over 100,000 war memorials in the UK it is a wide spread day which brings together the larger community.


2.2Remembrance day isn’t just a day to remember those who have fought in war. At St Cuthberts Church they gold a service on the evening for loved ones so they can come and place a candle in remembrance of those they have lost. with emotions well in swing it is a time where they are joined by other people who are feeling the same struggle as them. Its a time in which they can celebrate their loved ones lives with their family.

A candle is placed as a symbol of their flame of life onto the cross to allow family members to see that they are joined in their peace by God who will keep their flame burning on.


Throughout the day I believe I have captured a true moment of what it is like to remember someone. By being involved with the services it allowed me to feel the emotions of everyone there, being a witness to their emotions and seeing how they were reacting allowed me to get the emotion behind the images. However, I do feel as though I could of got more images with a close up of the emotion behind what they people where feeling. I am happy with my work as I think by being in the service it has allowed me to gain a stronger connection with the priest in charge as she has asked me to send her some of the images so she can then use them herself for advertisements for the church.




St Cuthberts Church, Peterlee

Remembrance Day