Sunderland Illuminations

Celebration, Community, family and fun.

With children running, laughing, eating, wowing and enjoying themselves. Sunderland illuminations brings out their big eyes in the amazement of what they see.

With exhibitions from lights of different themes and shows going from Frozen to Alice in Wonderland to Doctor Who to the worlds loved Disney characters Micky and Minimise.  With children in ore parents in amazement, it was an atmosphere that couldn’t be beat by any other event.

The smell of food being freshly baked, the smell of chocolate flying through the air. it was the place to be. with the show running for a month every night, crowds of people gather together to see the amazing show as it unfolded as you walked around.

A particular memorizing scene was of water spouting out of the lake with lights underneath changing the colour. With music In the background. Gazed eyes staring as they went up.

It was a night that would be remembered for month to come, still being able to picture the exhibitions one by one again and again.



Sunderland Illuminations


I am happy with the way in which this work has turned out as I believe I have chosen my strongest images which show the amazing exhibitions which were shown around the park. I do however feel as though I could of captured more images of people taking the sights and enjoying what they had around them.